Our society nowadays is filled with different kinds of moral downgrading news from print and broadcast media that galvanizes gradually into the nerve system of the individual, till it becomes normal to the personal experience. The worst, it is being carried into the church to influence the church of its worldliness-instead of the church to influence the world with its righteousness!What our churches need to hear & read today is a print circulation that contains the Good News of God’s goodness that has been engraved in the lives of the individual believers representing local churches in different location.

One of the primary purpose of this website is to neutralize and paralyze the rapid circulation of the bad bacteria in our information system, by strengthening the good immune system through the inspirational testimonies both from the local church events, personal experiences of victory over sins and that of articles and other more write ups within this website that conveys the powerful message of God’s love, purpose and plans in our lives.

It was and is always the content of my prayers and endeavors to see the believers become established, mature in understanding of the Word of God and conduct, prepared for the work of service that will glorify God.

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